Horned Maeng Da Supreme Kratom

Horned Maeng Da Supreme Kratom

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Effects of Horned Maeng Da Supreme

Strong Pain Reliever

Nootropic Assistance

Withdrawal Relief

Mood Enhancer

Sleep Regulator


Horned Leaf Maeng Da Kratom is a rare and unique strain that is sure to amaze new users. There are many mysteries surrounding the horned leaves, but one thing is certain – they offer extra benefits compared to regular Maeng Da Kratom. The horned leaves have a unique shape that allows them to retain a high number of alkaloids, making them more potent and effective. Despite being an unnatural strain, horned Maeng Da is not an artificial option. It is simply a different strain with a different shape and size of leaves. The effects of horned Maeng Da are similar to the original Maeng Da strain, but with better confinement of effects that are stable, complete, and longer-lasting. Horned Maeng Da is not for everyone and should be used carefully according to prescribed guidelines. However, it can be beneficial for individuals suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, pain-related diseases, and those seeking inspiration, motivation, focus, and concentration.

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Horned Leaf Maeng Da Kratom Effects And Why Is that Special?

The name will surely amaze the users who are new on Kratom. Horned Maeng Da Kratom is probably among the rarest strains which are also very uncommon to know. Like other strains, Maeng Da with the horned leaf is also available in certain sub types.

There are lots of mysteries which coin up with horned Maeng Da leaves. For being the rare strain, there is not much information on it which makes its status even more inexplicable. This article has a little bit of everything which the reader must know about this unique strain of Maeng Da.

What is a horned leaf?

Horned leaf is a particular type of leaf which has a unique shape. Unlike regular leaf, it doesn’t have a symmetrical margin. These leaves have an irregular shape which is not what is common to see. This property makes horned leaves very prominent even in one glance.

The reason why horned leaves are so famous is that generally, people think that they have more useful constituents inside them, It is more or less true. In the case of Maeng Da, the horned leaves are an indication of extra benefits.

Is horned Maeng Da Kratom a natural strain?

The world is now having so many options among different Kratom strains. Initially, just the fresh leaves were famous for the healing and pleasuring properties. Later on, several products of Kratom were common.

One of the forms of Kratom products is “enhanced strains.” These are extremely potent strains which are not natural. The regular leaves follow a series of steps to end into a product that has multiple times more benefit than plain leaves. It suggests that enhanced strains are an artificial option.

Horned leaves can often confuse a new user for being an unnatural strain. In reality, it is not an artificial strain. It is just the different shape and size of the leaves which makes horned Maeng Da a different strain than the regular Maeng Da Kratom.

The reason why horned Maeng Da has extra benefits to offer is different. The most logical explanation suggests that the dissimilar shape of its leaves allow it to keep a high number of alkaloids. This shape is weird and visibly unusual, showing horn shapes around the leaf margins.

Difference between Maeng Da and horned Maeng Da Kratom

Horned Maeng Da is a similar strain to Maeng Da but all Maeng Da strains don’t have horned leaves. Maeng Da and horned Maeng Da are two different strains.

Many big Kratom suppliers argue that horned Maeng Da is the real Maeng Da strain. The other strain which has normal leaves is not the actual variety of Maeng Da Kratom.

The reason to present this idea can be many. For example, Horned Maeng Da is a lot more times more powerful than original Maeng Da. Usually, it is the actual product that is more potential, the derivative products are never that powerful.

Another reason can be that horned leaves are very rare to find. The links with traditional medicine may mean horned leaves of Maeng Da for the extreme medicinal usages and not the regular leaves. The horned leaves are infamous and highly uncommon.

There is no certain proof of this information and most of the things which you hear are popular assumptions There is no authenticity and just the folk tales to build up the historical links.

Where does it grow?

The popular Maeng Da Kratom grows in Thailand. To your surprise, Horned leaves Maeng Da grows in Indonesia which is a neighboring region of Thailand. The purest horned leaves grow in this Indonesian soil but it rarely shows up in neighboring regions too.

These days, only some specific parts of Indonesia has a natural growth of horned leaves. There don’t grow anywhere else in Southeast Asia.

What are the effects of horned Maeng Da leaves?

Horned leaves of Maeng Da show highly effective effects which are more or less same as Maeng Da original strain. The user ratings make horned leaves to be good by following aspects.

  • Energy producing: All horned strains are medium to high energizing compounds. They help to gain the energy which makes the body active starting from the cellular level to organ level. This energy helps to perform physical exertion for one entire day.

  • Sedation: This benefit is more of a relaxing option. Horned Maeng Da leaves offer stress relief and euphoric benefits. These properties make a user happy, satisfied and tension free even from the first dose.

  • Pain relief:   Almost all higher strain offer analgesic benefits to the user. Like typical Maeng Da leaves, the horned shaped leaves are excellent pain killers. They are effective in day to day pains i.e. migraines to chronic pain syndromes such as arthritis.

  • Nootropic assistance and sleep regulator:   This effect is mild but it is not ignorable. Horned Maeng Da has roles to initiate a state of optimism in the user. It inspires him to work on his flaws, helps to develop a better focus and memory and provides mental peace.

When sedation occurs along with nootropic assistance, the result is a more peaceful personality. Even in the cases of sheer insomnia, the user feels stress-free and enjoys happy hours of sleep regularly.

After a moderate dose, the effects start to show up within 15-30 minutes and last for maximum 6-8 hours. For new users, the effects are more long lasting. The difference between effects of typical Maeng Da and horned Maeng Da is that Horned Maeng Da has a better confinement of effects.

The effects are stable, complete and last longer than standard leaves. Also, the intensity of effects is much more than the simple leaves.

All these benefits are helpful in daily routine but it is not a wise idea to use horned Maeng Da strain daily. It is powerful which means it can also go wrong with more damage without a careful dosage guideline. Horned Maeng Da is a good choice to use once or twice a week, that too in a mild to moderate dose only.

Different varieties in horned leaves Maeng Da Kratom

Horned leaves are just a particular type of Kratom leave which is uncommon to find. For the Maeng Da like effects which horned leaves produce for the user, they are called horned Maeng Da. It has further three types.

  • Red Maeng Da with horned leaves: It has a distinct red shade of leaf veins spread on the lamina of the leaf.

  • Green Maeng Da with horned leaves: It has a different green shade of leaf veins spread on the lamina of the leaf.

  • White Maeng Da with horned leaves: It has a separate white shade of leaf veins spread on the lamina of the leaf.

Who should use it?

Horned Maeng Da is not just another strain which randomly helps everyone.  Unless the user doesn’t use it in the prescribed manner, it won’t start working for him. Ideally, horned leaves are capable of exhibiting benefit for the following people.

  • Terminally de-motivated individuals who want some inspiration in life.

  • Lethargic ones who need a quick boost.

  • Victims of stress, anxiety, and depressions.

  • People are suffering from frequent panic attacks.

  • Patients with pain related diseases

  • Kratom users who want to pass the opiate withdrawal phase.

  • High profile professionals and students which need mental alertness, focus and concentration to do some work.

  • People which are in need of a routine booster which they can use it off and on.

All these cases determine various groups of people, to which horned Maeng Da can be very helpful. The individual benefits depend upon the user profile, health status and previous experience with Kratom. The results include pain relief, energetic, motivated and a stress-free person to interact with the world.

To learn more about Horned Maeng Da Supreme Kratom, take a look at our blog post.


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