About In the Weeds

My name is Bill DiStasio.  Last fall I watched a documentry on CNN by a world renowned Neurosurgeon, Sanjay Gupta.  He was highlighting how Kratom was being used to replace opioids and even more interesting, it was helping people kick the opioid habit for good.

I looked into it a bit more and even gave it a shot with some that I bought at a local cigar shop.  It left a little to be desired until I found a vendor online that provided a much higher quality and lab-tested it for purity and cleanliness.  What a difference that was.

Soon after that I started a website and before long I had more customers than I could meet at local Walmarts and WAWA’s.  Now, here we are in late July and the shop is up and running.  This is something that I never expected, but it turns out there are now several people in this short time that are back to work and back to life.

I thought by making Kratom and other natural remedies available to more people, it is much more likely that people in need will have access to options never before available to them.

Thanks to those that have helped make In the Weeds Apothecary what it is today.  With a little luck thousands of people’s lives can change for the better.

We are always open to suggestions and constructive criticism.  Contact us here anytime.

All the best,


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