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Please feel free to call your order into 540-993-6953.  As most know, the financial industry chooses to make it hard on you by not allowing the use of credit cards, so we have to do things a little different.

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Currently, we carry 40 strains of the best quality Kratom for sale that you will find anywhere.  We carry Kratom, Kratom capsules, and Kratom powder.  Guaranteed to be safe and pure.  All of our Kratom is lab-tested.  We sell Kratom to help people get off of drugs and as a natural remedy to treat a host of different ailments.  Our Kratom is strong enough that extracts are far from necessary.  Additionally, Kratom extracts are extremely expensive.  You really get what you pay for when it comes to Kratom.


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The Top Kratom Vendor of the Year, Red Devil Kratom, has gotten 1000s of People off of Drugs with their Products

I started ‘In the Weeds Apothecary’ to be a safe place that people who are addicted to opioids can come to get help navigating the kratom realm to get clean.  I have dealt with life as an addict, lived with an addict, and on the other side as a counselor to an addict after my college studies.  I constantly hear reports of kratom killing people, higher call volumes to poison control and thousands of kratom overdoses at emergency rooms nationwide, yet no one I know has gotten sick.  If you take the time to do your due diligence and find a safe place to buy pure kratom, it is not likely you will experience any of the things they talk about in the news and the government.  What they are telling people just isn’t true!  The problem is that none of my customers are overdosing, getting sick, and none have reported kratom doing anything other than helping them in their plight against addiction.  What’s even better is that most not only get off of the opioids, they also quit drinking as they tend to lose the desire.  Alcohol, since it is a potentiator to Kratom,  usually just causes and upset stomach.

  We have helped hundreds in the Fredericksburg area become clean and sober and avoid the three C’s (Cops, Courts and Counselors). They start with kratom and soon life begins to look a little brighter.  They go back to work sooner since there are no rehabs to deal with and they quit kratom when they no longer need it, since withdrawal if any, is similar to quitting caffeine.   Kratom may be the answer to the opioid crisis, we will soon find out.  I welcome anyone that is struggling with addiction to contact me to talk about how they can begin to get life in order again.  If kratom is used moderately and as needed instead of using it to get high, then there are few if any side effects.   Look for companies like this one below and In the Weeds Apothecary that really do have your best interest in mind and take the time to find and carry safe, clean kratom.  Be Well -Bill DiStasio, CEO, In the Weeds Apothecary

The Top Kratom Vendor of the Year, Red Devil Kratom, has gotten 1000s of People off of Drugs with their Products



Michelle Langton

Red Devil Kratom has been into the news for supplying excellent Kratom products to the world. Due to its high-quality products, it has been voted as the best Kratom vendor of the year for the third time in a row. The company has gotten 1000s of people off of drugs with their products. All the high-quality kratom products of the company have been effective in helping users maintain the right physical and mental state in the face of challenges in daily routine.

People facing drug addiction are making use of many medicines in order to get rid of their drug addiction habits and withdrawal systems. A herbal remedy in the form of Kratom provides the alternative to treat opioid addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Mitragynine, an alkaloid found in kratom helps to treat withdrawal symptoms by binding itself to mu-delta receptors in the brain.

By doing so, it replicates the effect of opiate without causing addictiveness or dangerous health risks. Thousands of people have expressed the positive results of using Red Devil Kratom products and their effectiveness in dealing with drug addictions.

In a survey carried out on the use of Kratom products from Red Devil Kratom company, many people have expressed their satisfaction with using their Kratom products. Red Devil Kratom, the top Kratom vendor of the year for the third time in a row has been receiving an excellent response for its high-quality Kratom products. It makes use of some unique and special techniques in preparing Kratom products.

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Curbing Habitual Alcohol Use

Curbing habitual alcohol use

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Lawmakers across the United States continue to debate the safety of kratom, an opioid-containing plant that has been listed as a “drug of concern” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Kratom is sold over the counter in specialty stores and online.

Substance use disorders are a major health concern in the U.S. and a growing number of people suffering from these diseases are self-medicating with kratom to help break a cycle of dependence. After tobacco, the most commonly abused substance in the U.S. is alcohol with nearly 15 million people diagnosed with an alcohol use disorder.

A Purdue University-led team published a paper in the Nov. 8 edition of the British Journal of Pharmacology examining the effects of kratom and the potential impacts on people with alcohol use disorder. The cost to individuals and society from alcohol use is estimated at more than $250 billion each year.

“One big challenge is that alcohol use disorder is not adequately treated with currently available medications; in fact less than 10% of patients receive treatment,” said Richard van Rijn, an associate professor in Purdue’s College of Pharmacy, who led the research team. “Few broadly effective drug therapies exist to treat alcohol use disorder, so finding new and better treatments is of critical importance to help people manage their disease.”

The Purdue scientists, in collaboration with researchers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York City and Washington University in St. Louis, studied the potential effects of kratom and its components on the body and in the ability to reduce alcohol consumption.

“Our work shows that kratom may be effective to self-medicate alcohol use disorder but is not entirely safe,” van Rijn said. “Instead, our research provides additional support for other therapies that would not produce the obvious side effects of using kratom, which may be addictive.”

The Purdue team previously focused on a G protein-coupled receptor, called the delta opioid receptor, which is a novel drug target that is different from the receptor in the body that binds prescription opioids. They developed drugs that bind to this new target and selectively activate a particular protein signaling cascade of this receptor.

Researchers worked with the Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization to secure a patent for the technology. It is available for licensing. Contact for information.

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Kratom for Chronic Pain?

By Drs. Jacob Teitelbaum and Ginevra Liptan

Kratom is not legally marketed in the U.S. as a drug or dietary supplement, according to the FDA. But people still use it. Fibromyalgia experts discuss Kratom as a pain relief option used under a healthcare provider’s guidance.

Lower Risk than Opiods

by Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D.

With one third of Americans suffering with chronic pain, approximately 50,000 preventable U.S. deaths each year from arthritis medications (e.g. NSAIDs like ibuprofen), and 5,000 yearly deaths from prescribed narcotics used as directed, we clearly have a major problem in how we treat chronic pain.

Having effectively treated thousands of people with fibromyalgia and other forms of severe chronic pain, and published a number of studies and textbook chapters on this, one simple fact has become very clear: Virtually all pain can be effectively treated, by using the entire healthcare toolkit. This includes both natural and prescription options, as well as socially controversial natural treatments such as marijuana, hemp oil, and kratom.

For example, numerous studies show that using natural options such as a special mix called Curamin, and even a mix of glucosamine plus chondroitin, is as or more effective than arthritis medications. And could save over 50,000 lives a year.

If not for a deadly quirk in our government’s regulatory system.

Basically, it costs anywhere from $100 million to $2.6 billion to put a single treatment through the FDA regulatory system. As nobody can pay this for non-patentable treatments, the enormous body of research using safe natural and low-cost generic medications cannot be effectively discussed or publicized.

Including Kratom.

Natural remedies, and Kratom is no exception, are not without risk. They simply carry much lower risks than medications. Although in my experience it has been uncommon if the dose is properly regulated, some people will develop cravings or even tolerance to this herbal. So I do not begin with this. Still, I have seen people who failed dozens of other herbals and medications, including narcotics, and had dramatic relief with Kratom.

As a physician, one learns to do a risk/benefit analysis. This includes looking at the validity of the data being used. As of 2017, the FDA reported 44 deaths worldwide associated with Kratom. But it is important to understand what the words “associated with” mean: simply that if they found any evidence of Kratom in the bloodstream when somebody died, even if they had a massive narcotic overdose and a gallon of tequila in them, this death is then “associated with” Kratom (1).
This faulty approach would claim that millions of deaths are associated with the use of milk, coffee or even toilet paper.

The bottom line? Kratom can be a very helpful tool in the healthcare toolkit when used with a health practitioner’s guidance; Kratom is far safer than ibuprofen and codeine; and Kratom should be reserved for when other natural treatment options have failed. To make it illegal will trigger far more suffering and deaths than it would prevent.

Still Too Risky

by Ginevra Liptan, M.D.

Kratom has significant medicinal potential for both pain management and easing opioid withdrawal, but most health care professionals do not recommend it due to safety concerns. Regardless of medical advice, consumers are using it—over 2 million Americans take kratom every year. While kratom is currently sold over the counter, its legal status is murky. Sales of kratom have been banned in six U.S. states, and in 2016 the DEA attempted to make it a Schedule I drug, but backed off after a public outcry.

I’ve found a surprising number of my patients are trying kratom without informing any of their doctors. Several of my patients report significant pain reduction with kratom, with some using it to successfully wean themselves off prescription opioids. Health care providers need to understand the pharmacology of this plant so they can discuss the risks and benefits with their patients.

Kratom has well documented medicinal actions, but its pharmacology is complex. The effects of kratom on the body are dosage dependent, lower doses give stimulant effects and larger doses provide analgesic and sedative effects. Kratom contains at least 40 different known phytochemicals with actions on multiple brain receptors. Its main active ingredients bind primarily to opioid receptors.

The biggest benefit of kratom is that while it has analgesic effects comparable to morphine, it causes less constipation, respiratory depression, and tolerance compared to opioids. However chronic use is not without risk and has been associated with drug dependency and development of opioid withdrawal symptoms. Rare side effects of kratom include psychosis, hypertension and liver failure. Although kratom has less respiratory suppression effects compared to opioids, it still can be deadly when mixed with other compounds. There are case reports of overdose deaths due to mixtures of kratom with over-the-counter cold medications, sleep medications, or benzodiazepines. However in total, kratom appears to be a much safer option than opioids.

Currently the biggest safety issue around kratom is the lack of supplement consistency and quality control as it is not being produced by any large or reputable supplement companies. There have been concerning reports of products adulterated with medications, or contaminated by bacteria, as occurred in a multistate Salmonella outbreak.

Kratom does have exciting therapeutic potential as a pain treatment, but for it to be really useful medically we need more information about safe dosing and interactions with other medications and access to high quality, standardized products

Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., is one of the most frequently quoted integrative medical authorities in the world. He is the author of 10 books, including the best-selling From Fatigued to Fantastic!Pain Free, 1,2,3!The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia SolutionDiabetes Is Optional and the popular free smartphone app Cures A-Z. He is the lead author of 4 studies on effective treatment for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome is. Dr. Teitelbaum often appears as a guest on news and talk shows nationwide including Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, Oprah & Friends, CNN, and FoxNewsHealth. Learn more at


Ginevra Liptan, M.D., is a graduate of Tufts University School of Medicine. She’s board-certified in internal medicine and trained in functional medicine, a holistic approach that blends both western and alternative medicine. After developing fibromyalgia as a medical student, Dr. Liptan spent years using herself as guinea pig to find successful treatments, and has fine-tuned her approach by treating thousands of patients. She is one of the few clinical specialists in the world to focus solely on fibromyalgia, and directs The Frida Center for Fibromyalgia in Portland, OR. She is the author of The FibroManual: A Complete Fibromyalgia Treatment Guide for You and Your Doctor and The Fibro Food Formula: A Real-Life Approach to Fibromyalgia Relief. Learn more on and follow her on Facebook for fibromyalgia-centric research, blogs, opinion pieces, and updates at

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Thailand legislature legalises medical cannabis and kratom

A number of countries have legalised cannabis for medical or even recreational use [File: Nir Elias/Reuters]

Thailand’s legislature has agreed to amend the country’s drug law to allow the licensed medical use of cannabis, as well as kratom, a locally grown plant traditionally used as a stimulant and painkiller.

The Thai legislation on Tuesday passed its final reading at the National Legislative Assembly by a vote of 166-0 with 13 abstentions.

“This is a New Year’s gift from the National Legislative Assembly to the government and the Thai people,” said Somchai Sawangkarn, chairperson of the drafting committee, in a televised parliamentary session.

The changes, which become law when published in the Royal Gazette, legalise the production, import, export, possession and use of cannabis and kratom products for medical purposes.

Purveyors, producers and researchers will need licenses to handle the drugs, while end-users will need prescriptions.

Thailand is the first country to take such action in Southeast Asia, a region with some of the world’s strictest drug laws. The move is under consideration in neighbouring Malaysia, while New Zealand’s government earlier this month enacted a law liberalising the medical use of cannabis, which had previously been tightly restricted.

Recreational use of the drugs remains illegal in Thailand and subject to prison terms and fines commensurate with the quantities involved.

Public hearings showed overwhelming support for the measure.

The bill introducing the legislative changes had noted that recent studies have shown that cannabis extract has medicinal benefits, which has prompted “many countries around the world to ease their laws by enacting legal amendments to allow their citizens to legally use kratom and marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes”.

It added that despite being classified as an illegal drug, many patients have used cannabis to treat their diseases.

Patent requests controversy

While countries from Colombia to Canada have legalised cannabis for medical or even recreational use, the drug remains illegal and taboo across much of Southeast Asia, which has some of the world’s harshest punishments for drug law violations.

Cannabis traffickers can be subject to the death penalty in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

But in Thailand, the main controversy with legalisation involved patent requests by foreign firms that could allow them to dominate the market, making it harder for Thai patients to access medicines and for Thai researchers to access cannabis extracts.

“We’re going to demand that the government revoke all these requests before the law takes effect,” Panthep Puapongpan, dean of the Rangsit Institute of Integrative Medicine and Anti-Aging, was quoted as saying by Reuters news agency.

Some said they hoped Tuesday’s approval would pave the way for legalisation for recreational use.

“This is the first baby step forward,” said Chokwan Chopaka, an activist with Highland Network, a cannabis legalization advocacy group in Thailand.

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Happy Halloween from In the Weeds


We wanted to remind you to enter the contest for free kratom that ends on Halloween night.  Winners will be announced the following Monday.  Just go to the website, click the tab on the right that says contest and enter as many times as you like and get coupons for doing so.  It doesn’t get any easier.  Stay tuned for next month’s contest details.

Happy Halloween to all over our loyal customers.  Here’s a scary thought,  In the Weeds now ships free on all kratom orders.  You may choose a different type of shipping if you like, but you’ll never have to pay extra unless you want it faster that 1-3 days.


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Kratom Shots Review: Our Top Picks

By Faisal Jamal

Kratom shots are blends of natural herbs that give you tons of energy and nutrition to enhance your senses and keep your body stimulated or alert.

You can have all the benefits of Kratom powder in one energetic, sweet shot that gives you a blast of antioxidants to fix the physical and mental exhaustion in life. These medically potent herbs are productive and have positive uses often neglected.

Kratom, not only used as a recreational drug, but this herb can also be used the same way as energy shots. It has energy boosting effects, helps with anxiety, uplifts the mood and can help with management of withdrawal effects related to opioid addiction. It has the same results as the prescribed pain killer, but people are marketing it as an herbal substance which can help people with a lot of different ailments.

Some may say that it is dangerous but that usually when taken at an unnecessarily higher dosage. The trick is to limit the use and balance your diet so that you can reap the benefits without any adverse effects.

What Are in These Shots

Kratom shots are a go-to drink if you need an emergency boost of energy. These herbal shots contain Kratom extracts which will make you feel relaxed and energized. It also causes a tingling sensation in the body, but it’s nothing too severe to be concerned about. Its effects are comparable to pharmaceutical pills.

The companies which make these shots utilize some ways to extract the essence of Kratom. One of the most famous methods of extraction is with distilled water instead of alcohol or hot water, to preserve the chemically active alkaloids in their pure form.

As compared to other methods where chemicals or alcohol are used for extraction, this one yields a very superior product which is also the reason for its high price in the market. The amount of Kratom shots prepared from this method can cost a few dollars to hundreds (depends on the number of bottles you will order).

Some other shots are manufactured using different ingredients. One type of shot is produced utilizing a Blend of L-Theanine, Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa), White Willow Bark, Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera), Skullcap, Wild Dagga (Leonotis Leonurus), Boswellia (Boswellis Serrata), California Poppy, Corydalis, Passion Flower, and this particular shot helps with everyday pains and aches. The best part is that it indeed works wonders and the effect is almost instantaneous.

Our Top Picks For Best Kratom Shots

There are many types of Kratom shots in the market, and most of them are sold over the counter which makes them quite easy to obtain.

However, if you are planning to choose one, it is always best to make an informed choice especially if it is your first time going for something like this. So without further ado, here are some of our favorites.

Ketum Quick Shot Tincture

For $13.95 the Ketum Quick Shot tincture is the perfect double dose on the go. Easily mix with any drink with no bitter taste. A concentrated mix of Red, Green and White veins.

Evenly mixed for the perfect dose of focus, energy, and relaxation. Each 12ml vial contains 100 grams of concentrated Kratom. Recommended: 2 doses per 12ml vial. 12ml = 100 Grams Kratom.

#Kratomgirl, a long time Ketum customer, narrows down her top three favorite ways to prep and down kratom.


It is a Kratom drink widely available in small bottles, usually in the size of 2oz. It is formulated from a blend of potent natural herbs which includes Kratom as the main ingredient. What this drink does provides long-lasting relaxation and enjoyment sensations and makes one light headed. Apart from Kratom, it has some other parts too, which are:

  • Boswellia
  • California Poppy
  • Passion Flower
  • Corydalis yanhusuo Extracts
  • Valerian Root
  • White Willow Extracts
  • Yohimbe Bark

K shot

Another way that Kratom is consumed is in the form of K shots. It is pure alkaloid suspension oil, and it is a potent mix of energizing strains like Maeng Da. Herbs contained in this provide natural, relaxed energy. It is much more potent and effective. Its ingredients include:

  • Purified H2O
  • Vegetable USP Kosher Glycrien
  • M. speciosa Alkaloids
  • Absorbic Acids
  • Citric Acids

This is a fun thing to do, but it is also hazardous to do. Due to its addictive effects and its negative uses, it is age restricted. It is advised not to be consumed by anyone under 18 years or people having allergies to wheat and nuts. Don’t mix it with other drugs or substances.

MIT 45

For the people who are not comfortable with having to shot up the liquid or have problems with the odor of the shot, they can opt for this option. It is a full spectrum tincture, and it is not only odorless, but it is also unflavored extract, and it has very high alkaloid content.

It is infused with 45% Mitragynine and has euphoric properties used for different intoxicating purposes and pleasure.

It elevates inflammation, fatigue and helps relieve pain. The effects also include anxiety relief, euphoria, sharpened focus, and energy boost.

The product comes at different sized bottles and prices. The shots start from $35 and go as higher as $375 and are available in bottles of 12-15 mL. You can also buy deals and bundles of MIT 45 shots.

OPMS Liquid Kratom Shots

OPMS kratom is a purified form of Mitragyna speciosa leaves which is the source of kratom. It is sold in 8 milliliters of bottles and contains potent alkaloids of Maeng Da Kratom strains. The high alkaloid extracts of Maeng Da make someone feel high, energetic with an uplifting mood. You can feel the effects in less than 10 hours and it not last more than 2 hours.

A single bottle of OPMS liquid kratom shot contains 13mg of Maeng Da and cost you $17.28, but various brands are selling it at higher prices.

What makes OPMS shots unique as compared with other brands is due to their highly concentrated Kratom extracts that are derived by using cold water and powerful pressure technique. These extracts are so potent that you required just a few drops to feel the desired effects. You can mix it in coffee or juice and get fast pain relief.

Rhino Rush Energy Shots:

It is the only energy shot with ephedra extract. It contains very little sugar and zero carbs; it is an herbal blend and a ton of energy. It will keep you energized all day. Ephedra is a weight loss supplement. It gives you strength for 5 to 6 hours and helps in weight loss.

Ephedra is a powerful weight loss supplement, and Rhino Rush has finally put it into a drink shot form! So, for those of you who don’t like pills, or prefer taking a quick drink to get your energy and weight loss combo. Rhino Rush Energy Shots come in 2oz bottles that can be split into two servings if you’d like!

First Ever Energy Shot with Ephedra:

  • All Day Energy
  • Improves Performance
  • No Fatigue or crash
  • Instant Alertness

The prices of this shot can be up to $60, but you can get discounts on deal and bundles.

Super K Extract Shot

It is a perfect combination of different strains which make it more significant than the parts. It is the art of combining and balancing different ingredients that make up a perfect blend.

The bottle of this K shot comes can come in about 2 to 4 oz and can cost up to $25 depending on where you buy it from.

The effects of taking it in a small dose can begin as early as after 15 minutes of taking the shot. These effects include heightened hearing, bright awareness, a feeling of energy buzzing through your body and alertness. A small dosage can result in these effects lasting for about two hours whereas a more substantial dose can mean the impact to last for up to eight hours and more. Of course, anything more than that will put your health at risk, so it isn’t recommended.

Things To Know About Kratom Shots

It goes way back

Kratom is a plant that was originally found growing in the Southeastern parts of the Southeast Asian countries. Many years ago, the plants’ leaves were taken by farmers who would then chew them to give themselves an extra burst of energy.

The known effects of kratom shots, such as increased energy and alertness eventually made its way to Western countries. Today, kratom shots are continuing to grow in popularity.

With the right methods of extractions, various herbs are being manufactured into Kratom Shots, which are a short cut to getting an energy boost if you’re someone who is pressed for time? These shots are becoming increasingly popular in the western world where people are always hustling.

Easy to obtain

The time for munching on just leaves are long gone and a thing of the past. In this modern world, everyone is too busy to chew on leaves. Therefore, what we need is something that is quick and easy to consume and digest.

Kratom Shots may come as a surprise, as it is getting to consider in the bars that specialize in serving them. These kinds of shots are springing up all over the place and help the herbal medicine as a specially brewed drink, in other words like a shot of whiskey.

In states such as North Carolina, New York, and Colorado, they are opening individual spots where you can sit and enjoy Kratom in the form of a deliciously healthy and active shot just like you would a shot of vodka.

Because this herbal drug is still entirely legal in the USA, you can order as many Kratom shots as you like. You may not even know about the potentially addictive properties within the drink. According to an article that was published in The New York Times, some local bars and beverage houses serve kratom under the name “ketum” to trick the buyers into thinking what they have ordered is not, a kratom shot itself.

Might not healthy

Now the idea of a quick, easy fix through taking a single kratom shot might appeal to many people and may even sound like a great idea. But if taken in excess “NOT” a healthy drink at all. Some of you may experience some considerably undesirable side effects. These may include the following:

  • Nausea
  • Itching
  • Sweating
  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased urination

Final Thoughts

Keeping all the information as mentioned above, it is safe to assume that Kratom Shots are the new fix to a pervasive problem. If you’re looking for a quick burst of energy and caffeine doesn’t seem to help you, Kratom Shots the most useful for you.

Aforementioned is a list of our favorite picks for these powerful shots which include Vivazen, K Shot, MIT 45 and more among the rest.

Anyone of these will get the job done and help you stay alert and energetic for up to 8 hours depending on your dosage!

So go ahead and take your pick, choose according to your requirements and whatever your pocket allows you. It’s time to leave behind old methods such as energy drinks and caffeine and jump the bandwagon with Kratom Shots!

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Kratom Works Against Addiction


by:  Bill DiStasio

Fredericksburg, VA 9/18/19

When we opened almost 2 years ago, it was with the intention of putting a dent in the opioid crisis even if only in this area.  As we continue to grow, it is still with the intention that we could get more people away from opioids and living a healthier addiction free life.  With over 100 people that are now clean and sober from opioids and rebuilding their lives, we still believe there are many others that haven’t even come to terms with the fact that they have a problem.  And even more that don’t even know that there are other options to quitting other than checking into a mental health facility and working the 12-step abstinence program,  or going to NA, or seeing a counselor regularly.  Our doors are always open to those looking for a way out of there addiction and back to life.

Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, started AA and spread it all over the country.  For over 50 years people have used the 12-steps for every kind of addiction.  It works for some, but it doesn’t change the withdrawal.  Withdrawal is the biggest issue for most when getting sober.  Most people who don’t make it in recovery, say it was because of the withdrawal.  What if you could skip the withdrawal symptoms and go back to life instead of rehab?  Would you be more willing to quit with that in mind?  Of course you would.  How can we expect to heal our brains when we are in withdrawal.  Why not address the withdrawal symptoms first so we can concentrate mental part. If the body is in pain it will encourage us to do anything to feel better, but if the body is okay, we can start to work with the mind more efficiently.  By the way, Bill Wilson died asking for another drink.  It leaves us wondering why we have adopted the 12-steps when they didn’t work for the founder.  I’m not saying it wrong to use a 12-step, it works for some, but it has an overall rate of success between 2% and 18%.  Many people have tried countless times with the same result (definition of Insanity).  So we convince people or require people to use a system that is proven over and over not to work. How can we expect a different result? Yet, the people that have used kratom, at least from this shop, are having a success rate of over 90%.

Something I hear all the time is, “I got some at the head shop down the road and it didn’t help at all.  That’s because head shops and tobacco huts are trying to make a quick dollar and aren’t able to tell you one thing about kratom, its quality,  and how to use it to quit.  It has to be taken the right way and at the right time to give you results that are effective.  We specialize in kratom and addiction.  I invite anyone who has a drug problem or knows someone that does, to come in and talk to us and if need be we will get you started for free, just so you can really see what it will do for you.  I would suggest that even if you don’t get your kratom from us, do yourself a favor and research the company you buy from to see what others have said about their products.  Come in and sit down and we will tell you the real story about kratom and what it can do for you.  Kratom is used for 100’s of reasons successfully, regardless what the government will tell you.  The list of things Kratom works for is long and growing.


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Kratom Tolerance: How It Develops and How To Avoid It

Developing tolerance of Kratom is possible when used over time. This scenario is normal, yet equally sad to people who have benefited from the natural herb’s wonders and have accepted it as a part of their lifestyle. However, there are actually rules you can follow to prevent this from happening and it is important to understand these rules.

This includes changing dosage methodically, keeping away from extracts with high concentration and refraining from using it frequently. This way, you can maintain your body’s sensitivity to Kratom’s effects and ensure that everytime you use Kratom, it will work as intended. In time, this can also save you some money and will prevent any side effects from happening.

How Quickly Does Kratom Tolerance Develop?

All forms of tolerance, be it from medicines, substance and in this case a herbal remedy, begin pretty much in the same manner. Previously used dosage to achieve the intended effects starts to lose its potency slowly. In time, the original dosage will no longer have any effect and then you will have to unwillingly increase your intake to produce the same effects again.

This unusually large amount of dosage can be toxic to your body and might develop into a more serious health issues, as your body tries to remove the excess elements in order to return to its normal state.

Aside from this, excessive use of Kratom might also progress into dependency, as your body will now expect this amount dosage, and worse might even demand it. As the old adage says, “prevention is better than cure.” Thus, before it happens, it is best to slowly cut-down on your consumption, and continue to enjoy the many benefits of Kratom without any worry.

That said, the development of this tolerance varies from one person to another. Your dosage of about 3 to 5 grams a week may not develop any tolerance, while the other person’s use of the same dosage and frequency might. This is where the importance of monitoring and responsibility come into play.

You should be able to interpret the common signs from your body so that you will know if you are still within the boundaries of safe-use. There is no better indication of this other than the understanding of your own body’s reactions.

How To Avoid Kratom Tolerance?

Stagnant Strain Syndrome is a condition that is commonly referred to as a form of Kratom tolerance. This happens when a user consumes the same strain and dosage of Kratom over time. Gradually, as your body and mind grow accustomed to this specific type of Kratom in the same amount of dosage, the reactions you would expect are no longer the same.

In order to fix this, you should try to change your routine as often as possible. Mix up the type and dosage of Kratom you consume. That way, your body will not develop any familiarity that will, in time, progress into tolerance. Moreover, your Kratom consumption should not also go over twice a week, two days in a row or more than once every three days.

You should never use opiates and Kratom at the same time. Opiates are known to be habit-forming, which, in turn will build tolerance over time. If Kratom is used along with those, it should not be a surprise if your body will also develop tolerance to it also.

Kratom is known to provide the same “high” feeling that opiates do without any damaging side effects, which is why using Kratom and Kratom alone, makes more sense.

You are also encouraged to keep a record of your experiences in every usage. You can make a list of the type of Kratom you used, the dosage, the date and the effects you felt.

This way, you can be more mindful of your usage and can make an adjustment if you experienced some side effects upon using it. This can prove to be a valuable practice that every Kratom user must do, in order to be more responsible and continue to enjoy the benefits this natural herb, worry-free.

How To Get Rid of Kratom Tolerance?

One you detected that what was once a potent dosage of Kratom was no longer giving you the same effects as before, or a particular dosage that you have been using now elicits some minor side effects, then your body probably had developed a Kratom tolerance. The best way to cure it is actually not taking another medicine or changing Kratom type or dosage.

The best cure to Kratom tolerance is abstinence. By taking a break from Kratom use, your body will be able to fully clean itself from excess Kratom and then reset. Regarding as to how long the break will be is entirely up to you. If you feel that your body has fully recovered and that any side effects are now gone, you may resume from using Kratom.

However, it is important to look back on what happened, find the cause and then make an adjustment. This time practice a more responsible use of Kratom and remember to apply the rules previously discussed.

Kratom, in its basic form, is safe, non-addictive and not habit-forming as long as you stay responsible and be conscious about your body’s reactions.

Kratom tolerance is nothing but a tiny bump in what otherwise should be a smooth sail of experiencing Kratom’s natural benefits. This bump can easily be fixed by being a more responsible and mindful user. A bit of prudence will not hurt also.

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Kratom Potentiators: How to Enhance Kratom Effects

When you purchase kratom, you are interested in receiving an effective and potent product. One that is definitely going to achieve your desired results.

In addition to making sure you purchase it from a reliable vendor whom you can trust, there are natural substances that can even further enhance the potency of your kratom.

These can make your dose stronger as well as help it last longer. Plus, these are healthy substances on their own. Therefore, you can reap additional health benefits.

Why Do You Need Kratom Potentiators?

Using kratom potentiators can mean that you can take a lower dosage, yet receive the same results. This way you will be less likely to develop kratom tolerance.

Your kratom batch will also last longer, which means that you’ll save money in the long run.

Kratom potentiators can make kratom last longer than usual and may also help it to kick in faster. You’ll be able to experience the results s

How to Potentiate Kratom Artooner and for a longer duration of time.e

If you are taking kratom daily and have already developed tolerance, you won’t need to increase your dose to potentiate kratom effects.

This will lower the chance of you experiencing kratom side effects because of increased dosage.

What Can Enhance the Potency and Length of Kratom Effects?

You’ll easily find many of these in your cupboard. Or by simply paying a visit to your local grocery or health food store.

Below are 10 kratom potentiators of our choice. We’ve also included our favorite picks for some of these potentiators in case you’re looking for suggestions.

1. Hot Water

Using your kratom with hot water (which is simply making kratom tea) can increase its potency.

Note though that most plant-based alkaloids are heat sensitive. Therefore, avoid using boiling water.

Instead, you can mix kratom in hot water. Turn the heat off after the water boils, let the bubbles settle, and then pour it over your kratom.

Alternatively, you can let you kratom powder or leaves simmer. You can achieve it by turning down the heat after the water boils. There will still be bubbles, but they’ll be much smaller and there will be less of them.

2. Citrus Fruits

Are you taking orange juice or grapefruit with your breakfast? Then we have great news for you.

Citric acid found in grapefruit, oranges, lemons, and lime is another kratom potentiator. It can make your kratom dose stronger and have kratom effects last longer. There are several ways in which you can take it.

Firstly, you can mix kratom powder with grapefruit or orange juice. You can also drink a glass of orange or grapefruit juice after you take kratom, for instance, if you prefer the Toss and Wash method. Or you can add a slice of lemon to your kratom tea.

In addition to the above, citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C. This can boost your immune system, prevent colds, and help your body absorb iron better.

3. Tea

While some users prefer making kratom tea that only contains kratom (along with some sugar and lemon), others prefer mixing kratom with other teas.

There are a few different options for you and each has its own unique effects. These two are our favorite:

  • Chamomile Tea. It has a mild and pleasant taste and can help you to calm an upset stomach and relax. Use it in combination with the slow strains, such as red vein kratom, to achieve more relaxation and be able to get to sleep easier and faster. People who use chamomile tea as a kratom potentiator report feeling effects for a much longer period of time.
    • Tealyra – Egyptian Chamomile Tea
  • Green Tea. A powerful antioxidant on its own, it can give your kratom dose an extra energy kick. It’ll work best with faster strains like green and white vein kratom. Make sure not to brew your green tea too strong as it tends to be rather bitter. Be sure to buy high-quality loose leaf tea. Same as kratom, not all green tea is the same. Avoid using tea bags as they primarily contain tea dust rather than actual leaves and therefore will result in the lowest quality of tea.
    • Tealyra – Imperial Jasmine Green Tea

4. Coffee

A number of users like mixing kratom with coffee to potentiate their dose. Coffee and kratom together can increase your focus and alertness and give you an extra energy boost.

You can brew them together or take them separately. Some users even Toss and Wash kratom with coffee. That depends on your personal preference. Make sure you drink plenty of water as both can dehydrate you.

Yet, we do not recommend everyone to do that, especially if you’re less experienced and taking lower doses of kratom. Kratom and coffee both come from the coffee family. You may become overly agitated and jittery.

Alternatively, you can take coffee as a kratom substitute on days that you’re not taking kratom.


5. Valerian Root

It is a herb used for sleep issues, as well as managing stress and anxiety. A number of kratom users like to use it as a kratom potentiator.

Taken together with slow strains of kratom, it can enhance its relaxing, sedative, and pain killing effects.

You can take valerian root pills or tincture, as well as steep valerian root tea and mix it with your kratom dose.

6. Watercress

An aquatic leafy green vegetable that grows near streams and streams, watercress is rich in vitamins and minerals. For instance, it contains more Vitamin C than oranges and more iron than spinach.

It can prevent colds and even some types of cancer. Watercress can also improve cardiovascular, eye, brain, and bone health among other benefits.

Some users report that taken as a kratom potentiator, it can make the effects last longer. For others, it also intensifies kratom effects.

Watercress is available in supermarkets, health food stores, and online. You can buy fresh watercress (that you can make a salad with), dried watercress, as well as watercress capsules.

7. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a type of chili pepper that’s moderately strong and is used in spicy dishes. It has numerous benefits for the digestive system and can help to improve kratom absorption.

Users report feeling a faster come-up and more potent results from their kratom dose. Yet, it does not affect the duration of kratom as much as citrus fruits do.

You can mix some cayenne powder with kratom or take cayenne capsules. Use it sparingly if you can’t tolerate spicy foods well.

You may experience uncomfortable burning stools after taking larger amounts of cayenne. Eat fiber-rich foods and hydrate yourself well to avoid that.

8. Turmeric

A plant of the ginger family, turmeric is a bright yellow spice and one of the main ingredients in curry. Turmeric also acts is a kratom potentiator.

Turmeric improves kratom absorption. It also enhances the strength and length of kratom effects and can help reduce kratom tolerance.

Mix turmeric powder with your kratom powder to boost its effects. Start by adding a small amount first and gradually increasing it up to a teaspoon with your dose.

Apart from potentiating kratom, turmeric has a number of other health benefits. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Turmeric can also improve cardiovascular and gastrointestinal health, reduces cholesterol, and can even help in preventing cancer.

To experience all those in addition to the kratom effects and benefits, add a pinch of black pepper to the mix. Black pepper increases the absorption of turmeric.

Kratom with Tumeric and Caynenne Pepper

9. Cat’s Claw

Cat’s Claw is a powerful herb with anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and pain-relieving benefits. It can also help with various gastrointestinal disorders.

Taking Cat’s Claw together with kratom can intensify and prolong its effects. Avoid taking it though if you’re on blood thinning medication or if you have a surgery scheduled in the next two weeks.

10. Magnesium

Magnesium is a go-to kratom potentiator for many users. It can aid with kratom tolerance and relieve constipation that kratom causes.

Magnesium is a beneficial substance on its own. It’s excellent for managing diabetes, calcium absorption, and bone health. It also can help if you’re fatigued, relieve headaches, migraines, and anxiety.

Many people are magnesium deficient so supplementing your kratom dose with magnesium can be a great way to combat that.

However, you may want to avoid it if you suffer from diarrhea. It may also turn to be rather pricey if you take magnesium supplements.

Instead of taking magnesium pills, you can make a smoothie from magnesium-rich foods, for instance, leafy green vegetables, bananas, raspberries, figs, and avocados, and add kratom to it.

Taking regular Epsom salt baths is another way of exposing yourself to more magnesium.


Just like kratom, all these are natural substances. Therefore, effects may slightly vary by person.

If you choose to take kratom potentiators, make sure you’ve taken kratom alone before it and know how exactly your body reacts to it. Don’t start by using both at the same time.

By doing so, you’ll have a better idea of what exactly what needs to be modified If you aren’t experiencing the desired results or not feeling well.

Make sure you check out the uses and side effects of each of the kratom potentiators to make sure you can take them. Talk to your physician if necessary.

Are you taking any of the kratom potentiators that we’ve mentioned above? Do you have any other tips on how to potentiate kratom? Please, share them with us. While more discoveries are made about kratom, there is yet much to find out. 

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