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Bill Wilson, Founder of Alcholics Anonymous

For six years, our organization has been transforming lives in remarkable ways. It’s truly awe-inspiring to witness the impact we’ve made and the tremendous number of individuals we’ve helped overcome addiction. Admittedly, there are times when it feels like an insurmountable struggle, but we persist because we believe wholeheartedly that recovery is attainable for anyone. My own passion for this work is deeply personal. Addiction is indiscriminate – it can befall anyone, even someone you might not imagine. I was only 18 when a Navy physician prescribed Xanax and Klonopin in a last-ditch effort to treat my persistent headaches. Little did I know that those medications would take hold of me with a merciless ferocity, shackling me to dependence for years to come. It wasn’t until 2016 that the Navy took away the substances that had been dictating my life. The withdrawal from Klonopin was harrowing, but it also gave me a profound appreciation for the resilience of the human spirit. To anyone reading this, I want you to know that recovery is possible, and although the journey may be lengthy, it’s a path worth walking.

it's never too late to start again

In addition to dealing with my addiction, I was dealing with family and friends.  I've been to a rehab, one of my kids has too and his mother.  They are all clean now, including me.  In the process of it all are the courts, cops, and counselors and they almost always come together.  I also studied addiction, counseling and all that comes with it in working for my Master's degree. My point? I am not going into this blind. I have just as much experience helping people get clean again.

I don't believe that everyone's addiction is the same and additionally, I don't believe that everyone who becomes addicted, arrived there on purpose. In most cases, a God fearing and law abiding citizen is injured badly and uses a drug prescribed by a doctor to relieve pain. Often the pain never goes away and the prescription works less and less and the withdrawal symptoms take hold. This "dope sickness" is bad enough to make a law abiding citizen do things that they wouldn't normally do. Not because they are on drugs, but because they are withdrawing. The number one reason addicts give for their reason for addiction is the inability to get past the 'dope sickness'. At this point, the doctor's duck out and leaves the patient to their own devices. This is not a medical problem anymore in my opinion. These people become addicted because of a medical problem, but at this point it isn't medical anymore. 

Once someone realizes they have a problem that they can't handle alone, the search for treatment begins. At around $40,000 a week, drug treatment centers are a dime a dozen and they have mastered what they have to do to collect every dime left in the savings of the patient and dime that insurance will pay for. They are very willing to kick you out when your money runs out or insurance won't pay anymore, but as long as insurance is paying you are trapped and your freedom is gone. Once the treatment starts, your life is now in the hands of the state. The medical field believes that abstinence (cold turkey) and that 12-step programs are the only way to recover and keep you in recovery for the rest of your life. They also believe in using other addictive drugs to get you off of other addictive drugs, then they wonder why you still have a problem. Once you start addiction treatment in the medical setting, your life as you know it is no longer yours. Once you have contact with cops, counselors, or court, the other two will come with it.
     Until now, there has been only one way to get help when you find yourself in a position you cannot fix on your own. Addiction treatment centers are a racket for making money and unfortunately become more and more expensive. There are even places that will pay for plane tickets to get you to their facility so that they can bill your insurance and get paid regardless of what the outcome is for the patient. Once you do find a good one, they require you to bare your sole and tear your down to convince you that you will now always be a recovering addict and they swear up and down that 12-steps is the way to go. They have a success rate of 2-18% which proves this is not a medical problem. Bill Wilson, the man who created the twelve step program, originally for alcoholics, died while begging for a drink. It doesn't have to be this way. Just because someone becomes addicted does not mean they have a medical problem. If someone breaks their leg and they are given pain medication and they become addicted, the medical problem was the broken leg that originally got prescribed opioids. They pain may never go away, but the doctor then takes the medication away and the addiction takes over. The drugs may not even work anymore, but the pain is still there. Now the 'dope sickness' takes over. This leads to harder drugs like fentanyl and others because the sickness is so bad, they will do just about anything to make it go away. These people don't need doctors to pull them back into drug treatment that we already know doesn't work.

If people use kratom instead of the 12-step method which inevitably involves cops, courts, and counselors, they simply take the kratom which is non-addictive and nearly impossible if not completely impossible to overdose on. The kratom fools your brain into thinking it got opioids, but instead it got kratom. It may not kill the dope sickness completely, but it reduces it enough to continue living and functioning. I have found that people who use this method, don't experience the three C's (cops, courts, counselors. So the person who broke their leg and became addicted, if they had used kratom to get past the sickness, would be well on their way to finishing recovery. My point is that none of the methods that are currently being used work. In some cases, they actually got worse. Giving Methadone and others drug which are highly addictive to recover from addiction is likely the dumbest thing doctors have ever done, but they make a fortune because many of these facilities control these people for years and in many cases the addiction becomes worse. You find yourself completely under the control of the so-called medical facilities. When courts order rehabilitation, with it comes criminal charges (cops), orders to seek treatment (counselors) and all of the things that addicts are now ordered to do, make it nearly impossible to continue working and going about their daily routine, because of all the requirements of the court.
Why go through all of this government bureaucracy and tear your life up because you made a mistake when you broke your leg. Stay away from all that. You can do it in a way that just gets rid of the addiction and preserves your life outside of the addiction. There is a very high success rate and because it helps with the sickness, people are less likely to break the law to get drugs. This is not a medical problem! It's an addiction. Using kratom, our recovery rates are much higher, people are less likely to go back to drugs and most recover in less than six months. No courts, cops or counselors. Now you can get back to living and most likely will not go back to addiction again.

This is why, when I learned about kratom, I tried it. I thought, this might be the answer I have been searching for that will help people get past this awful point in their life. It wasn't long before I learned about the attempts to make Kratom illegal. The government wants it to be illegal so that people will not recover and they can continue collecting huge amounts of money and life from you. Because of this, I have decided to offer appointments for those that want to find a way to end their addiction. They can come in and talk discreetly about their problem and we can help them devise a plan that will lead to their sobriety. It's free. The only cost will be the kratom which is much less expensive than the drugs they are currently using.

Finally, when you make an appointment, we'll give you some samples to get started for free so that you can see how it works for you, with nothing out of your pocket until after you give it a try. So, in this case, you can't lose. It's FREE!

encourage you to be careful about where you buy kratom from as not everyone has your best interest at heart. Just do a bit of research and make sure if you don't get it from us, it should be lab-tested by a third party and should not have any other substances in it. It should come as a fine powder with no stems and veins mixed in it. If the kratom your are getting is bright green or red, stay away because something was added to make it that color. Don't be afraid to ask where it was purchased and by whom. The person who sells it should have a good understanding of how kratom works and what strains to use to help you the most.

To make an appointment for a consultation, click on the addiction menu and select "consultation". There choose the best time for you to come in and get started on a new life.


2105 Princess Anne Street Fredericksburg, VA 22401



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