Green JongKong

Green JongKong

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Effects of  Green JongKong:

Strong Pain Reliever

Energy Booster

Withdrawal Relief

Mood Enhancer

Insomnia Relief



Stress Reliever

The Mitragyna Speciosa tree offers a multitude of unique strains, including the well-balanced Green Jongkong. Sourced from the rainforests of Jongkong in West Borneo, this strain boasts an earthy aroma and natural benefits such as stimulation, mood enhancement, and focus improvement. With proper dosage, Green Jongkong has the potential to unlock hidden potential and take your experience to the next level.

Green JongKong

$5.00$147.20 $
Use up to 2500 - 73600 points to purchase this product! Restrictions apply
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Reviews 6

Who knew a single Mitragyna Speciosa tree would produce the numerous strains we have today? The three main strains are red, green, and white, and each embodies more strains.Have you come across green Jongkong? If not, we will divulge all details about this unique strain.

Green Jongkong is a well-balanced, potent strain. Like other green strains, it strikes a balance between red and white vein kratom.

This review will provide answers to:

  1. What is green Jongkong kratom good for?
  2. What are green Jongkong kratom effects?
  3. And where to buy green kratom.

But first, let us discuss what the green Jongkong kratom strain is. 

What is Green Jongkong Kratom?

Two features are evident from this strain’s name. First, it is a green-vein strain, and second, the region where it grows. This strain hails from the jungles of Jongkong in West Borneo. These dense forests have tropical weather and moist soil.

Unknown to many, soil and favorable climate contribute to a strain’s potency. For this reason, most users have pointed out that green Jongkong has an earthy aroma.

Farmers process kratom leaves that have reached peak maturity but are not as mature as red-vein strains. They pick mature kratom leaves since they have balanced alkaloid levels and dry them to produce the strain.

What Are the Functions of Green Jongkong Kratom?

Green Jongkong kratom benefits are:

  • Stimulating: Green Jongkong is stimulating in low doses. It contains high levels of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine to keep you energized.
  • Improves Focus: Green strains are popular for improving concentration. This particular strain can help you generate ideas for that upcoming project that is keeping you on edge.
  • Boosts Mood: The strain generates feelings of delight and happiness to uplift your mood. Using green Jongkong can help you get through a rough day.
  • Reduces Discomfort: The strain helps relieve discomfort at high doses. It eases mild and intense soreness.

Green Jongkong Dosage

Green Jongkong is a highly potent strain and should always be used cautiously. The effects may feel subtle, but they last longer.

This is why we recommend:

  • Less than 2 grams: For beginners
  • 2 to 6 grams: Moderate users
  • 6 to 8 grams: Experienced users
  • Above 8 grams: Not recommended

We caution against using high doses as it can result in adverse side effects

Green Jongkong Side Effects

The most common negative effects we collected from Green Jongkong reviews are:

  • Sweating
  • Migraines
  • Seizures
  • Dry mouth
  • Itching
  • Nausea
  • Hallucinations

Long-term side effects include liver damage and dependency. 

How to Use Green Jongkong

Here are six ways to use green Jongkong effectively to avoid the above side effects.

  • Start Low

As a beginner, your body is yet to develop tolerance to green Jongkong. Start with low doses as you work your way up to discover your sweet spot. Avoid following other people’s dosage recommendations since kratom effects feel different with each individual.

  • Measure Kratom Doses

It is crucial that you accurately measure your kratom serving. If you are a beginner, measure the 2 grams on a weighing scale or a leveled teaspoon, as it holds about 2 to 2.3 grams of kratom.

  • Space Your Doses

Green Jongkong helps improve mood and concentration and alleviates discomfort. But that does not mean it should be used regularly. Instead, space your kratom servings to avoid suffering severe side effects.

Kratom dosages can last between 2 to 8 hours, depending on your serving. Therefore, if the strain effects do not kick in within the hour, wait for at least three hours before increasing the dose. Remember, factors such as consuming a heavy meal before using green Jongkong can delay absorption.

Additionally, avoid using green Jongkong daily as it can slowly lead to dependence. Kratom withdrawal comes with negative symptoms such as blurred vision, muscle aches, nausea, insomnia, and hot flashes. Fortunately, you can avoid this by skipping a day or two.

  • Take Enough Water

Did you know taking little or too much water impacts kratom absorption? Well, kratom is a diuretic plant. It helps your body get rid of water and sodium. So, if your system has little water, you may experience a dry mouth and dehydration.

On the other hand, if you drink excess water, it washes off the strain, thus weakening its effects. For these reasons, balance your water intake to enjoy maximum green Jongkong kratom effects.

  • Do Not Mix

Green Jongkong provides stimulating and relaxing properties. For these reasons, it should not be mixed with drugs, alcohol, or medications. Doing so can result in life-threatening complications like a coma.

  • Store Appropriately

Poor storage can lower the freshness and potency of the strain. So, store your product away from direct sunlight, moisture, and oxygen.

Airtight containers protect against mold and oxygen, which break down alkaloids. Also, go for opaque jars to prevent UV light degradation, or keep them in an enclosed cabinet. 

Some Similar Kratom Strains

Kratom comes in three distinct strains; red, white, and green. And since green Jongkong kratom is a green-vein strain, here are seven similar kratom strains.

Sumatra Island is home to this green vein strain. It offers a perfect balance between energizing and relaxing effects.

Users explain that they first experience energizing benefits after using green Sumatra and profound relaxation as the strain wears off. This is due to the high levels of Mitragynine, which is energizing even in low doses.

The strain enhances mood and manages negative emotions. It generates euphoric effects and can help you drive meaningful conversations at social events.

Green Sumatra manages body discomfort, which in turn, uplifts your mood. It is also relaxing in high doses.

The strain may not be fast-acting as a white strain, but its effects last longer, with users reporting up to 6 hours. It can cause digestive discomfort, tolerance, and dependence when used excessively.

Green Maeng Da does not get its name from the region it grows. Instead, it gets its name from its quality. Maeng Da translates to pimp-grade, meaning it is a premium-quality strain.

The strain provides calming and soothing effects as some red vein strains. Users explain they enjoyed a heightened sense of self after using green Maeng Da.

It also boasts energizing properties. It will keep you motivated and in high spirits in small doses. We recommend using the strain on those days you need an extra boost at work.

Green Maeng Da promotes focus and concentration in moderate doses. It keeps you alert as you tackle challenging projects or assignments. If you want to increase concentration, take the strain in the morning. When the strain wears off, it provides relaxing effects.

Mild to moderate green Maeng Da servings keep you feeling optimistic and uplift your mood. It reduces tension and any negative emotions.

Green Borneo features several potent alkaloids, including Mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, Speciogynine, and mitraphylline. So if you are looking for a calming and relaxing green strain, try it.

It soothes and creates a mellow feeling to keep you relaxed after a long, tiring day. It may take you 15 minutes to feel the effects since green Borneo is highly potent and can last for 4 hours.

Green Borneo is energizing too. Users with a fast-paced life enjoy the energy boost and enhanced concentration. Besides, it prevents you from feeling overwhelmed and calms negative emotions.

Some users point out that it promotes mental alertness. Others explain that the strain reduces aches and physical discomfort.

The safest kratom serving for beginners is 2 grams and 6 grams for experienced users. If you use more than your body tolerance, you risk experiencing dehydration, nausea, insomnia, increased heart rate, loss of appetite, and agitation.

The leaves that make this strain have spiky and thorny leaves hence the addition of ‘horn’ in the name. The leaves differ from the smooth texture found in other strains.

Green horn is rich in alkaloid properties and offers energizing effects to help you navigate daily tasks without getting overwhelmed. It improves alertness and enthusiasm and generates a sense of euphoria.

Green horned kratom has mood-boosting properties. It helps you restore positivity, confidence, and an optimistic attitude when dealing with challenging situations. It also enhances mental wellness by easing tension and clearing your mind.

Although the strain is not as potent as red strain in reducing discomfort, it helps alleviate mild body aches.

Some kratom leaves grow to become as large as elephant ears. When farmers harvest and process these bulk leaves, they refer to the strain as Green Elephant. It hails from the deep rainforests of Sumatra Island, with a cool climate and fertile soil.

The large, mature kratom leaves are rich in Mitragynine, and users enjoy the effects 20 minutes after using the strain. It works as an energy booster without causing overstimulation. It is helpful on days you feel sluggish as small doses increase your energy levels and keep you alert.

Besides, green Elephant improves mood, happiness, and motivation. It helps curb tension and unwanted negative emotions. It also promotes a heightened sense of self and can help you become more social.

The strain is rare since it only grows deep in the rainforest. Fortunately, you can get this product at Kratom Monkey.


Farmers harvest this strain when the leaves have green veins, which is usually during the middle of their life cycle. At times, the leaves may have greenish-red or greenish-white veins. How?

Kratom leaves have white veins in the early growth stages and red in the late maturity stage. So if the leaves are harvested during the transition period, they can have a blend of two strains.

Green Malay is slow-acting compared to white vein kratom. Nevertheless, it is popular for its energy-boosting and relaxing benefits. Unlike other kratom stains that lose potency when stored inappropriately, green Malay withstands unfavorable conditions to produce strong effects.

You can use green Malay to uplift your mood in small doses. It keeps you calm when you are feeling edgy and produces a euphoric feeling. In higher doses, the strain enhances your focus and concentration.

It also offers fast relief from physical discomfort and muscle soreness, whether mild or intense.

If you are wondering whether this dragon strain is potent, it sure is. Green Dragon is a hybrid strain. This means it is a blend of two strains – red and white. In terms of percentages, it is challenging to find the correct ratios since vendors use different percentages when fusing the two.

So what does green Dragon do? It is more of an energizing and mood-enhancing strain. Using it enhances your energy levels for up to 6 hours. Although it does not match the White Dragon’s potency, it offers a balanced effect.

Green Dragon numbs negative emotions for mood support to keep you focused on positive wellness. It alleviates emotional discomfort by easing tension and worry. It also produces intense feelings of joy.

If you dislike socializing, the strain can help keep you calm, thereby reducing your uneasiness. It also improves focus and concentration for better productivity.

Other green strains include:

Where Can You Buy Green Jongkong Kratom

Kratom Monkey offers all unique kratom strains, including green Jongkong kratom. We sell a large selection of kratom products at wholesale and retail prices. Our products are authentic and have validation credentials from independent labs.

We are committed to delivering organic, pure, and safe items to our consumers. This is why we only sell our products to persons above 21 years and ship them to states where kratom is legal. 

Final Thoughts

Enjoy stimulating and relaxing benefits with the green Jongkong kratom strain. This well-balanced strain is available at Kratom Monkey at affordable rates. Get in touch and try this rare and unique strain.

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  1. Green JongKong has everything I need in one strain. Long lasting pain relief, mood booster, and keeps me focused throughout the day. By far my favorite product.

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  2. Green JongKong has everything I need in one strain. Long lasting pain relief, mood booster, and keeps me focused throughout the day. By far my favorite product.

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  3. Best kratom I’ve tried to this day. Keeps my energy up and mood balanced. Only kind I get and works wonders for me personally

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  4. This is the best one I’ve found for anxiety.

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