Lucky 7 Kratom

Lucky 7 Kratom

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Experience the magic of Lucky 7 Kratom, our unique specialty blend crafted by blending seven of our best Kratom strains together. Our blend contains Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Red Bali, Super Green Malay, Super Green Elephant, Red Maeng Da, and Gold Bali Kratom strains, all blended in set ratios for consistency. Our blend contains a wider range of alkaloids than each component, making it best comparable to a green Kratom strain, with properties that overlap with red and white strains. Try our Lucky 7 Kratom blend today and discover the unique and balanced product you won’t find anywhere else.

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Lucky 7 kratom is an in-house specialty strain that consists of seven of our best kratom strains blended. Yeah, we just mixed the best-selling kratom powders. Did we intentionally strive to formulate one of the best kratom specialty blends? No, but we were feeling kinda lucky that day. It turns out customers liked it, so we’ve kept it around.

What is in Lucky 7 Kratom?

Just because we gave it a mysterious name doesn’t mean that we’re going to be secretive about our Lucky 7 kratom strain. If we really wanted to be clandestine, we wouldn’t be in the kratom industry—we’d be in the field of espionage. So, moving forward, here are the different strains of kratom we blended to make our Lucky 7 kratom strain:

  1. Green Maeng Da

  2. White Maeng Da

  3. Red Bali

  4. Super Green Malay

  5. Super Green Elephant

  6. Red Maeng Da

  7. Gold Bali

Usually, you want to avoid vendors that blend a ton of kratom strains and give it a weird name, but our Lucky 7 is different. The above list of kratom strains is consistently blended in set ratios to make Lucky 7 kratom. We hold it to the same standards for quality and freshness as everything else. We don’t go around sneaking old kratom into our house strain to get rid of it.
Still, if you’re not feeling lucky about our in-house kratom blend, you can buy all of these individual strains on our website as well.

What Type of Kratom Strain is Lucky 7?

This Lucky 7 kratom blend contains several kratom powders that have undergone different processes, so it has a wider range of alkaloids than each component. Our Lucky 7 kratom is best comparable to a green kratom strain, but its properties overlap with red and white, creating a balance.
Other vendors also sell Lucky 7 kratom, but we wouldn’t recommend assuming that ours will be the same since the many components can vary (one vendor’s Green Maeng Da is another vendor’s Green Dragon). Furthermore, the quality and freshness of the kratom batches can affect their alkaloid content.
Don’t let the name deceive you; our Lucky 7 kratom blend is not like the average headshop kratom blend. It contains fresh, high-quality kratom that we’ve sourced directly from farmers in Southeast Asia. We rigorously lab-test our kratom batches to ensure that our kratom powders and capsules only contain authentic Mitragyna speciosa.


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  2. The best kratom I’ve ever had! Very great product and quality, won’t go anywhere else

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  3. One of my favorite blends

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  4. One of my favorite blends

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  5. My new favorite go to. It just gives me a little bit more of a life is okay feeling

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  6. My new favorite go to. It just gives me a little bit more of a life is okay feeling

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